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We have lost, all of us: the Romanians, the Europeans, and humanity. We have all lost when this war started in Ukraine.

I wanted to start by writing the exact moment when it started,but the fact is, it did not start with one single act. Who started it? „They started it first!”, you’ll hear. Not us. We did not start it, „they” did.

And they are right , everyone pushed the snowball a little bit until it started rolling down the mountain and now it threatens the village.

You know the hardest thing to accept is that those people that we laughed off as paranoid in the past, we are kind of giving them their due respect now. And those are not nice people. But they were right.

What is Ukraine to say to those people that told them: „Do not give up your nuclear arsenal, do not trust the Russians to keep to their word”. Because that is what happened. Ukraine gave the Russians the Nuclear weapons stationed on their teritory, even though they had all the rights to keep them. And in turn Russia guarantees the borders of Ukraine. Some guarantee isn’t it? No honor, no honor, no honor left in Moscow.

The hardest thing, and never mind Putin, and his brainwashed people, is to accept that we as a community, have not stepped away from our nature, and are still settling our differences trough violence. The tyranny of the strong against the weak is doing well and thriving.

Dust up Machiavelli, put the bible away. Oh, sorry, take the Bible and keep it visible. Make it about the bible. Black out the parts where it says about forgiving others, kindness, don’t kill do’t wish what belongs to others for you. keep screaming the parts with „righteousness”, Don’t mention Cain and Abel, talk about Moses, the wrath of Christ in the temple.

We had to come together and develop ways  to go out and fight Death together. To fight the desolation of space, to create a race of brothers where our enemy is death and destruction itself. To find the cure for cancer, to build that space elevator, to have people like Gagarin that the whole world could share and be proud of. To have women like mother Theresa that we could all cry after.

Fuck Napoleon and Washington and Alexander the Great and this conquering figures. They do not apply! They are no longer required as role models! We needed different role models. people that bring people together.

Such naivety. We were so innocent and pure like children in kindergarten. Well dear world, welcome to the High School of our generation yet again. Be a bully lest you be bullied. Take what you want lest you loose it. Whatever means you need to employ, employ them, nobody cares in the long run, all that remains are your possessions, your pride, YOUR NAME!

I am sorry about Russia, really i am… Truth is I did not like it, after all that my grandparents and parents suffered because of them and their communists. I hated their language because it was forced onto my cousins. I hated their country because that is where our grand-grandfathers were sent to die. Because they broke my country in 2 and kept a part for themselves, because they lied and stole our gold.

But you know what, in my mind, i never liked myself for thinking this way. I always looked for signs that I was wrong. That nobody can be that bad. That Russia is strange but, ultimately they are just normal people. And every time i met a Russian person, it was confirmed to me that it is true. Russian people, they are very similar to me. Very.

And here comes Putin, he starts talking about being a stronghold of tradition. He is a great leader: Strong, confident, opposed to western blasphemous attitude. He wants a multi-polar world. He stands by those that have been wronged by the west, like in Kosovo, like in Cuba, like in many countries.

But then, when time comes he is just like them… worse than them.

And so many support him. It hurts to know that selfishness prevails still in the Russian mental collective and that the horse blinders are very comfortable. That in reality panem et circenses is what humanity really cares about.

Hollande and Merkel went to talk to him. This is a sign of how grave the situation is, how dangerous. The Russians do not see this. They came to ask Russia if they want a war. Russia says: you bluff.

No Putin. No more bluffing.

May God forgive the souls of those fallen on both sides, and in between them, and the ones to come. May God help us all pass trough this dark times that we brought upon ourselves.



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