Daca prostii ar zbura…

Ar fi intuneric.


Un bagabont care nu a avut ce face si-a facut o pagina cu denumirea Andra Maruta pe Facebook. Ca tot nu il dureau degetele a anuntat ca da gratis un telefon Galaxy sapte cu muchie, la care anunt 200 000 de prostoi au dat share, like, si au inceput sa comenteze pe acolo.

Daca era un concurs real nu articipa nimeni deoarece se cerea prea multa munca, asa dintr-un share si un click nu amurit nimeni.

Imi pare rau ca nu e OTV pe Facebook, sa mai rada si gura mea, intre atatea stiri proaste de la inceputul 2016.

Urmatorul concurs va fi cu click aici sa vedeti poze goale cu Andra, pentru a le vedea descarcati acesti fisier dupa care se vor virua 50% dn mobilele si calculatoarele din Romania.





Omagiu Avocatului Chelaru!

Stimate om incaruntit in slujba noastra
Stimate vicepresedinte de senat
Tu fiu al vetrei Romascane iata
De detractari mereu esti injurat

Cel mai iubit fecior si cetatean
Ales cu sarg de tot orasul Roman
Si avocat onest si fara nici un ban
Ai parul gri de-atata munca an de an

Degeaba te vopsesti ca sa ne bucuri,
Sa nu-ti stim suferinta muncii grele!
Prin munca ta speranta face muguri
Noi stam in case si ne lafaim in ele…

Priveste cum te infiereaza toata presa!
Acest dulau al societatii de consum
Nici un profet nu e primit la el acasa
Si toata gloria din plen se-face scrum…

bad s

Dupa mai multe supozitii si acuzatii  in orasul Roman in privinta mirosului de nesuportat care s-a instalat pe meleagurile noastre, iata ca am reusit sa aflam ADEVARUL despre ce ne strica noua vacanta de vara si ne carneste nasul.

Dupa ce s-au vehiculat diverse ipoteze cum ca „S-a descoperit că acest miros provine de la o prelucrare a borhotului rezultat în urma producției de zahăr de la Fabrica de Zahăr – AGRANA.” dupa cum citim in zearu finanshiar a unui domn Vinca comunicatul dat de edilul Leoreanu, iar multi se plang ca ar fi de la o fabrica de porci din apropiere am reusit sa aflam pe surse care este adevaratul motiv.

O persoana lucratoare la o agentie anticoruptie nationala ne-a comunicat sub protectia anonimatului ca motivul este cu totul altul. Iata stenograma discutiei.

CIPSLIM: Salut Fane, merci ca ai fost de acord sa-mi oferi detaliile

OFITER: – Sigur, cred ca s-a mintit destul pe tema asta si chiar nu stiu de ce se face atata musamalizare.

CIPSLIM: -Hai sa… deci cum s-a intamplat

OFITER: -Pai saltasem pe unul din Suceava, sa il ducem la Bucuresti…un procuror de asta…

CIPSLIM:-Pentru ce era…

OFITER: -Nu conteaza asta, deci eram cu 2 dube si noi in fata. Sii dupa ce am intrat in oras la semafor a inceput sa faca urat motorul, adica sa se innece la un moment dat a zis soferul sa oprim ca ii bate ceva in motor. Si i-am zis lui asta sa opreasca ca cine stie ce… Si am oprit putin mai incolo sa nu blocam circulatia sa facem circ, nu? Si normal, astia de la politia locala care ne escortau au oprit si ei, era ceva coloana.

CIPSLIM:-Asa si?

OFITER: -Da…. si la noi… deci cand se opreste convoiul se dau jos si astia de la iterventii… mascatii cum le zice…

CIPSLIM:-Da, sa asigure…

OFITER: -Paza , protectia cum se zice. Si cand ne-am dat jos s-a intamplat ca a iesit unul dintr-o vila…se holbeaza la noi si se intoarce inapoi si incepe sa urle ca a venit DNA-ul.

CIPSLIM:-Pai unde v-ati oprit?

OFITER: -Pai dupaia am vazut ca era sediul PSD acolo… Si erau niste baieti pe strada… na… si au inceput sa strige… ca luati-ii pe toti,… ca sa-i ducem la puscarie… na chestii de astea, faceau bascalie.

CIPSLIM:-OK…. si ce legatura are cu… mirosul.

OFITER: -Pai domnii de acolo cand au vazut dubele si cu luminile de la politie.. si mai urlau si baietii aia ca a venit DNA… iti dai seama ca … na… oameni suntem.

CIPSLIM:-S-au cacat pe ei de frica?

OFITER: -Deci ca sa nu fiu grobian… si-au pierdut controlul asupra … na…. si .. cum se intampla… oameni suntem… ”

Iata deci adevaratul motiv… nu putem sa speram decat ca in viitor se va gasi o solutie  ca sa preintampinam astfel de evenimente.

We have lost, all of us: the Romanians, the Europeans, and humanity. We have all lost when this war started in Ukraine.

I wanted to start by writing the exact moment when it started,but the fact is, it did not start with one single act. Who started it? „They started it first!”, you’ll hear. Not us. We did not start it, „they” did.

And they are right , everyone pushed the snowball a little bit until it started rolling down the mountain and now it threatens the village.

You know the hardest thing to accept is that those people that we laughed off as paranoid in the past, we are kind of giving them their due respect now. And those are not nice people. But they were right.

What is Ukraine to say to those people that told them: „Do not give up your nuclear arsenal, do not trust the Russians to keep to their word”. Because that is what happened. Ukraine gave the Russians the Nuclear weapons stationed on their teritory, even though they had all the rights to keep them. And in turn Russia guarantees the borders of Ukraine. Some guarantee isn’t it? No honor, no honor, no honor left in Moscow.

The hardest thing, and never mind Putin, and his brainwashed people, is to accept that we as a community, have not stepped away from our nature, and are still settling our differences trough violence. The tyranny of the strong against the weak is doing well and thriving.

Dust up Machiavelli, put the bible away. Oh, sorry, take the Bible and keep it visible. Make it about the bible. Black out the parts where it says about forgiving others, kindness, don’t kill do’t wish what belongs to others for you. keep screaming the parts with „righteousness”, Don’t mention Cain and Abel, talk about Moses, the wrath of Christ in the temple.

We had to come together and develop ways  to go out and fight Death together. To fight the desolation of space, to create a race of brothers where our enemy is death and destruction itself. To find the cure for cancer, to build that space elevator, to have people like Gagarin that the whole world could share and be proud of. To have women like mother Theresa that we could all cry after.

Fuck Napoleon and Washington and Alexander the Great and this conquering figures. They do not apply! They are no longer required as role models! We needed different role models. people that bring people together.

Such naivety. We were so innocent and pure like children in kindergarten. Well dear world, welcome to the High School of our generation yet again. Be a bully lest you be bullied. Take what you want lest you loose it. Whatever means you need to employ, employ them, nobody cares in the long run, all that remains are your possessions, your pride, YOUR NAME!

I am sorry about Russia, really i am… Truth is I did not like it, after all that my grandparents and parents suffered because of them and their communists. I hated their language because it was forced onto my cousins. I hated their country because that is where our grand-grandfathers were sent to die. Because they broke my country in 2 and kept a part for themselves, because they lied and stole our gold.

But you know what, in my mind, i never liked myself for thinking this way. I always looked for signs that I was wrong. That nobody can be that bad. That Russia is strange but, ultimately they are just normal people. And every time i met a Russian person, it was confirmed to me that it is true. Russian people, they are very similar to me. Very.

And here comes Putin, he starts talking about being a stronghold of tradition. He is a great leader: Strong, confident, opposed to western blasphemous attitude. He wants a multi-polar world. He stands by those that have been wronged by the west, like in Kosovo, like in Cuba, like in many countries.

But then, when time comes he is just like them… worse than them.

And so many support him. It hurts to know that selfishness prevails still in the Russian mental collective and that the horse blinders are very comfortable. That in reality panem et circenses is what humanity really cares about.

Hollande and Merkel went to talk to him. This is a sign of how grave the situation is, how dangerous. The Russians do not see this. They came to ask Russia if they want a war. Russia says: you bluff.

No Putin. No more bluffing.

May God forgive the souls of those fallen on both sides, and in between them, and the ones to come. May God help us all pass trough this dark times that we brought upon ourselves.


My bit

This is probably the first English text i write around here but here goes.

There is a war… a long exhausting, horrible and complicated war going on in the Middle East. We’ve all heard about it, it is the war in Syria.

And this war started some years ago and then grew, and grew and never stopped growing.  I have spent some of the past time of my last 3 years  watching this war unfolding, the reason being that i have many syrian acquaintances and i had a fair understanding in regards of that country.

When i heard of a revolution there I knew it is going to be bad for every man ever born there. Because i knew that it was not a revolution unfolding but the start of a civil war.

Most of the Syrians i have met previous to this were very proud of their country. They never failed to remind me that their country is tolerant and that many religions live there side by side. That Damascus is beautiful and Alep is rich. And that they have a strong leader and it is safe.

Now i hope that my last sentence did not disgust you and neither did it inflame you, i am explaining to you what i have heard from them, i have a very complex opinion of the man right now and it is not a clear picture for me.

During the unfolding of the conflict groups started showing up, alliances based on regional and then ethno-religious lines. Then outside countries started intervening and here is the perfect recipe for disaster.

And this country, and those people who were once so prowd of being a cohesive nation started killing each other.

Russia had a base in Tartous, they backed Assad and the national army. Assad was not sunni and the majority of the country is, conservative muslim states saw this as unjust. Assad is Alawi, a offshoot of shia, Iran  got  involved. Border regions of lebanon started getting attacked because they were shia, Hezbollah got involved.

Obama had to get involved at some point. In the avalanche of springs going off in the Arab world his aids forgot to take into consideration the ethnic element, the religious element and the political element and the secular issue.

Fanatics started appearing on all sides and shit got real really really fast. At the start everyone thought it is going to be a matter of months. But I and most Syrians knew that this will be a very, very long and brutal war that will split the country to pieces.

On this background, the Kurd and the Christians kind of got in the middle of things. Made to chose sides. The Kurds took the smart decision and threw everyone off their land and forbid any armed group to enter their area. Except Alepo where they are in the middle of things in the North they threw all armed forces out. At the beginning the proud SAA tried fighting for a bit but since they were aware of the ethnic cohesion there and they had much bigger problems they gave up quickly. At some point the FSA tried to assert themselves there. They learned the hard way that the Kurd were serious and considered them enemies.

However all this time every ethnic or religious group knew that they can find a safe area there, because the kurds themselves are of different religions and they do not discriminate.

For most of the conflict the Rojava, as the Kurdish part of Syria calls itself was safe, organised and peaceful.

The syrian kurds, as they learned from others started to get organised and prepare for war in order to have peace. The PKK was quick to salute them and PYD became dominant. YPG and YPJ became the army (acronyms representing the self defense popular forces of the men ending in G and women J) For the first time a serious fighting force made up of women appeared in the middle east. Shure some would argue that there are also females in the Syrian army and with the mujaheddin but the reality is they are minimal and symbolic as opposed to the YPJ which is a regular army, front line material, whoo-ha trained to kill and ready to die force.

And there were amazing steps in that region. Human rights reps were there giving guidance and the leaders there were heading their advice, accepting criticism and cooperating with them.

And now… and now.

Something stirred in the East and after this much fighting and war and injustice daesh started catching roots and spreading. In reality daesh started offering security and resources.Law and order. And in exchange they demanded that people are more religious. In a religious countryside such as the one in Syria this was not a shock. People there have dificulties understanding what democracy is all about, they prefer food and safety. Plus daesh is religious and seemingly invincible and righteous in their view so they gave in.

And then daesh started expanding.

And then they reached the kurdish area. And all that safe heaven that the kurds built went to hell, real quick.

But the kurds have tasted that freedom, and that is like a drug, once you have it, you never stop thinking about it. And so, unlike many other groups that are fed up with war, where they only fight to the point that the chance to win is too small the kurdish militias pulled back to Kobane and waited for war to come to them.

And while waiting they decided to send all who wanted to leave out and only the defenders and the really stubborn remained. The ones that decided NO MORE.

No more running, no more bowed heads, no more taking orders from others. Many of them swore an oath to live free or die. Ελευθερία ή θάνατος, give me liberty or give me death, أفضل القتلى من الرقيق. That so much life was there in freedom and so right that they will have it with the risk of their existence.

Now the daesh is at their doorstep, they held them off for 26 days with an army 5 times the size that took over Mosul and they are still there. And they will be there until they are dead, or they are free.

This is the portrait of the hero in any epic. This is what the world was looking for to hope and to rise against inequity and hatred. FSA fights alongside them. SAA wants to bomb the daesh but they lack the capability. There is every reason to believe that if there is one chance to unite this enemies for a common cause: to defend those that stand up for their lives and land against common enemy then mayme, just maby when they will sit toghether at the negotiating table with one thing in common.

IF daesh is to be defeated, it must start here. And it must start now.

Daesh is not an enemy you can defeat on the battlefield, they are in your cities, on the internet, conspiring on the your street corner and on the internet.

And their whole success is based on coagulating hatred and appearing as God-chosen. In the eyes of their followers they are righteous, invincible and just.

And this is a chance to turn this arround:

1. They portray themselves as protecting the sunni muslims- Most of the kurds are sunni

2. They portray themselves as fighting evil dictators (Assad, Maliki) – Kurds have been opressed by the regime more than anyone else in that country

3. They portray themselves as defenders of the weak- women are fighting with them, and elderly and teenagers

4.They portray themselves as military geniouses-they could not take that city with a supperiour force way better armed

5. They portray themselves as invincible and thus Divinely protected -that is what you have to disprove and the only way to do that is to arm the Kurds.

Point number 5 is tricky. Because they bust be so soundly defeated that the whole invincibility cloak must vanish. And to do that the Turks with their massive army must not get involved. Because if they do they will be given the benefit of the doubt. But if the kurds defeat them: a rag-tag inferior army with no chance on paper, with no outside connections and without any friends in big places than that will be for them what they managed to do in Mosul.

Arm the kurds in Kobane. and do it now. Not tomorrow, not later, not after consensus, NOW.

I have spent about 2 hours writing my bit in defense of the Kurd, of honesty, of justice, of good and most importantly Humanity. I have no Kurdish friends, never met one to my knowledge. I am now afraid to go on twitter and to read the news. I don’t want this horrid fairy tale to be a drama, i want it to be like in my grandmother’s stories where good vanquishes evil in spite all the hardships. I want them to live and be happy, this heroes of mine.

Do not shatter their hope. At least not this once.


Ce se intampla in Iraq

Ce se intampla in Iraq in momentul de fata, pe intelesul tutulor

Iraq e o tara impartita in 3 mari categorii etnic-religioase. Siiti, Suniti si Kurzi. In afara de astia mai sunt si alte minoritati  cum ar fi Crestinii, Turcii, Alawitii etc. 

Din cauza ca s-a introdus democratia prin forta si nu exista o intelegere generala asupra procesului democratic s-au creat anumite probleme in teren.

In timpul lui Sadam puterea era in general detinuta de Suniti, Siitii, desi majoritari per total si supramajoritari in sudul Iraqului erau marginalizati iar Kurzii au fost incercati cu exterminarea de mai multe ori. Odata cu venirea Americanilor in incercrea de a controla tara s-a incercat incurajarea majoritarilor siiti si kurzii, deoarece deja detineau controlul de facto in zona lor, au fost lasati in pace. 

Sunitii s-au trezit peste noapte din cetateni favorizati in marginalizati. 

Fast forward dupa cateva exercitii democratice au ramas paria in tara pe care daunazi o controlau. Astfel au aparut tot felul de grupulete de astea antiguvernamentale care de care mai violente. 

Sunitii cred in Quran si invatamintele trase din viata Profetului Siitii cred in Quran si cei 12 Immami care au urmat profetul. Sunitii nu au lideri religiosi, Siitii pe de alta parte au o religie foarte bine organizata. Cele mai sfinte locuri pentru Suniti sunt Mecca, Madina si Ierusalimul. Pentru Siiti Tot astea DAR in plus Karbala. Deoarece celelalte sunt in comun cu Sunitii putem spune ca locul cel mai sfant pentru ei este de fapt Karbala. Si cine a vazut vreodata sarbatoarea Ashurei stie ca este cea mai profunda sarbatoare din religia lor cand celebreaza si deplang martiriul Imamului Husein. Comparativ cu Crestinismul putem spune ca e similara cu incarcatura emotional-religioasa a Pastelui crestinesc. 

Ei problema e ca Karbala e in Iraq iar siitii nu vor accepta niciodata pangarirea respectivului oras, si in virtutea acestui fapt considera o datorie religioasa sa apere Iraqul de dominatia oricarei alte religii. 

Se suprapune aici cleptocratia Iraqiana care si-a aratat coltii mai mult in zonele sunite unde, guvernul de la Bagdad confunda fuuria populara cu separatismul iar diversi satrapi si-au facut de cap pana de curand. 

De curand un grup de Extremisti numiti ISIS sau ISIL sau Daesh depinde pe cine intrebi au decis ca populatia locala e suficient de manioasa pe armata Irakiana si au atacat orasul. Armata Irakiana din zona fiind mai mult dupa praduiala au lasat tot si au plecat, nefiind clar daca i-au fugarit astia sau tot orasul. 

De ce s-a vaporizat armata Irakiana?

Pai primii au fugit comandantii, nii au tradat si restul au ramas ca prostii. Multi s-au predat deoarece nu-si primisera salariile. Surpriza ca au fost executati in mare parte ca exemplu.

Acuma daca tot au cucerit asa de usor orasul Mosul, astia de la ISIS au impresia ca e vorba de o interventie divina, si tot dau inainte cucerind oras dupa oras, acum bat la portile Bagdadului, capitala. 

Din prea multa inertie s-au apucat sa se laude ca vor purifica Karbala, locul cel mai special de inchinaciune a siitilor, asta l-a facut pe Sistani (cel mai puternic lider , un fel de patriarh+ilie Cleopa) sa sftuie irakienii sa ajute armata. 

Daca insa chiar se apuca sa atace Karbala si Najaful nici UN nici Nato si deci absolut nimeni nu va putea opri hoardele de siiti veniti dupa sange, cu atat mai putin clericii lor care dimpotriva ii vor incuraja. 

Ei si uite asa e acum o perioada foarte interesanta cand Iraqul se poate transforma intr-o baie de sange atat de profunda incat va face razboiul civil  Sirian sa para ca o bataie dupa un meci de fotbal. 

Peste toate astea Kurzii s-au apucat sa se apere, si cum cel mai bun atac e apararea s-au apucat sa ocupe orasele lasate de izbeliste de Armata Iraqiana, ca sa-si creeze bufering. 

Desi putini asta sunt cei mai ai dracu din toata zona, si cei mai bine motivati si antrenati si vazuti, problema fiind ca orice miscare a Kurzilor ingrijoreaza Iranul si Turcia. Deocamdata si sunitii si siitii au incredere in impartialitatea lor. Sa vedem cat timp.

Peste toate se suprapune razboiul din Siria care de fapt a creat premisele aparitiei ISIS si inarmarea lor. 

Dar despre Sirien poate alta data


Intunericul ce s-a lasat

era o vreme cand scriam pe aici.

Scriam cam putin dar era oarecum un grup de harta harta pe computer destul de divers si interesant. 

Apoi au inceput sa se rareasca, si apoi au murit(virtual) aproape toti. Ici colo mai scartaie cate unul. Ici colo mai scrie cineva o amintire. 

Ne-am dezamagit oarecum deoarece am lasat acele lucruri frumoase in paragina.

Blogurile aceste schelete publice are esuarii noastre, ne mai reamintesc din cand in cand ca poate mai putem sa ne reintoarcem la scartait in neant